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Make a Logo Reveal Video with After Effects Template

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How 3D logo animation video can help your business

Did you know that most people prefer watching videos rather than reading content? 3D videos increase brand recognition, and any idea presented as an animated video is more thrilling and can attract public attention. Animated videos can never look dull; they effectively convey messages, and brands that aim for social media ought to embrace this type of video marketing.

We all know how significant social media is; for a startup business to achieve its objectives successfully, it needs to develop a strategy to promote its brand effectively and excitingly. Thanks to this template, you can achieve your aim by creating a professional animated logo reveal video, and your brand can reach people quickly and easily. Video marketing is the best way to promote your brand in this digital era.

Let’s dig a little deeper: with this video template, you can make a logo reveal video by inserting one text line and a logo image. The template allows you to create a video that does not exceed ten seconds; the shorter the video, the better for your audience to watch from start to finish. Plus, you can effectively display your innovative and creative ideas with a short video.

What makes a 3D logo intro great

With the rise in technology, business promotion is no longer the same since digital marketers worldwide always look for new ways to promote their brands. One of the best techniques to grow your business is to use animated videos; plus, it’s the easiest way to attract potential customers. According to a survey done in 2013, the average duration of attention span is eight seconds; this shows how crucial it is for business to communicate their message and market their products using 3D videos.

Besides, most people are visual learners so they will absorb 70% of video information than text. People don’t like to read too much information, especially when they can understand it through a short video clip; moreover, a video offers an excellent opportunity to capture viewers’ attention. An added advantage of using videos to advertise your brand is that viewers will understand more about your business, how it works, and the benefits of using your products.

Did you know that having an animated video for your brand can secure communication between you and your customers? For example, have you ever tried to convince your clients with a brochure full of explanations about your product? I don’t think it works, but if you send your message to your customers through an animated video, you will immediately grab their attention because the video will effortlessly explain more about your product.


You don’t have to wait to lose another customer, especially when the above video template is available. You can create a high-quality video thanks to the inbuilt editing tools that come with our intro maker. The font and color features can also help you with the video-making process.

If you want to incorporate background music into your video to make it more appealing, you can gladly do so because the template provides you with a music library of copyright-free songs that you can use.

When you’re done creating your video, consider playing a free preview to see the final results. After that, if you like the video, you can pay a small fee before finally downloading and saving it. The time to go for that win is now. You can turn your prospective clients into loyal customers with this template.



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