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Create a Cinematic Movie Trailer or Titles Video with After Effects Template

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This epic trailer After Effects template is great for creating your own cinematic movie trailer or title video. The template uses advanced 3D text graphics and special light effects that look stunning. You can insert up to 22 text lines, 5 video clips, and a logo at the end.

How to create your own cinematic movie trailer?

Just press the button above to launch our online template video editor to customize this template and create your video. The first thing you'll see in the video production dashboard are the options for changing the graphics, the music, and produce the video.

When editing the graphics, you will be able to change the content of various parts of the template. You have to replace the existing text, photos, or video clips with your own material for each part displayed.

Cinematic Video Editor

Notice that you only need to customize all the parts when editing the template if you want to make use of the whole template. Otherwise, edit as much as you need and produce the video.

Our online movie trailer maker produces professional videos fast and for a low cost. If you want to use just part of the video, you'll have to download the mp4 file and use video editing software to cut the video. 

Try our titles video production service now and get your video in minutes. Start by creating a free video with a watermark, and if you wish to make use of the video, you can purchase a version in Full HD.
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